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Ali's photo

CyberLab Director

Ali Jafari, Ph.D. is Professor of Computer Information Technology and Director of the CyberLab at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).  Dr. Jafari is renowned for his research and expertise in smart learning environments, having founded and co-developed several high-profile technology solutions and systems for education, including Indiana University’s Oncourse CMS (now Sakai), ANGEL Learning (acquired by Blackboard in May 2009), Epsilen Environment, and most recently CourseNetworking.  He has edited three books on portals, Course Management Systems, and ePortfolio, has presented in more than one hundred national and international conferences and published in professional and scholarly journals on a variety of subjects in information technology as it relates to teaching and learning.  Dr. Jafari’s research interests include user interface design, agent-based learning environments, intelligent user interfaces, and distance learning.


Mengyuan's photo

CyberLab Associate Director

Mengyuan (Alice) Zhao is the Associate Director of the CyberLab. She obtains a Master's Degree in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University Bloomington and a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and Language Education from Beijing Normal University. In the current CourseNetworking project, Mengyuan is actively involved in the design and development of innovative teaching and learning functions. She also provides training and pedagogical support to new users. Besides CN, Mengyuan has diverse experience in teaching K-12 courses, conducting educational research and evaluation, designing curriculum and courses, and producing instructional multimedia.


Maziar New

Chief Technology Officer

Maziar Bouali is an Electical and Computer Engineering graduate student at IUPUI. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in IT Engineering from the University of Tehran. Currently, Maziar is especially interested in large web databases, NoSQL, Go language and software project management. Maziar enjoys biking, singing, and hanging out with friends in his spare time.

CN page:


Graduate Research Assistant

Marzie is a graduate student currently working towards her master's degree in Computer Engineering, from the Department of ECE in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Marzie earned her Bachelor of Applied Science (BSc) from Shiraz University of Technology in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and graduated as a Control Engineer. Presently, Marzie is a graduate research fellow working in the IUPUI CyberLab. She is focusing on research and development of an intelligent agent for CourseNetworking (, to help students learn more effectively and efficiently in academic, social networking environments. In her free time, Marzie enjoys traveling, singing, writing and reading poems, swimming, ice skating, and playing ping pong.

Ravi Shah

 iPhone App Developer

Ravi Shah is a Computer Information Science graduate from IUPUI. He is working as a Software Engineer, working specifically in iOS app development. Before coming to IUPUI for his studies and working in the CyberLab, Ravi had 3 years of experience in the field of app development. He loves software engineering because he is able to help create applications that help people world wide. In his free time Ravi enjoys playing crickett, spending time with family and friends, and listening to music.



Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Allie Wigginton is a senior at IUPUI, majoring in Journalism with a Public Relations track and a minor in Business. She serves as the CyberLab’s Social Media and Marketing Specialist, where she helps promote CourseNetworking (CN) at IU campuses and around the world. Allie also manages the CN Collection, the official blog for the CN, as well as CN social media sites. She has been interested in PR since she became the editor of her high school yearbook. Allie is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Delta Zeta sorority, PRSSA and Cox Scholars at IUPUI. Aside from school activities, she enjoys playing soccer, time with friends and family, attending concerts, photography and traveling.



Joseph Hofmeister's photo

Graphic Designer

Joseph Hofmeister graduated from IUPUI majoring in Computer Graphics Technology. He is currently working as a Graphic Designer for the CyberLab where he works on the UI of the CN. His main expertise is in web development but he also loves illustration and motion graphics. His experience in web development started during his junior year of high school in a web design class at Ben Davis High School. In his free time, Joseph loves to play music and go to hockey games with his girlfriend. He also enjoys playing a variety of instruments, including guitar, bass, piano and ukulele.

CN Page:

Student Interns

The CyberLab provides paid and for-credit internship opportunities to students at IU and IUPUI. Currently, the CyberLab is recruiting interns in the areas of graphic design, multimedia production, information system safety, and computer programing. These internships offer potential opportunities for full-time positions.

Andy Headshot

Video and Multimedia Postproduction 

Andy Barnthouse is a senior at IUPUI, majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with an Animation track. He is currently working as the Video and Multimedia Postproduction Intern at the IUPUI CyberLab, where he produces tutorial videos and promotional testimony videos for CourseNetworking. His primary focus in school is in 3D modeling, but he also holds expertise in video production, having worked as the official videographer for the NAIFA- Indianapolis since 2014. Andy also serves as the Treasurer for the SIGGRAPH chapter at IUPUI. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, watching and editing videos, and almost anything technology-related.

CN Page:


Quality Assurance and System Testing

Deshun Coomer is a junior majoring in Computer Information Technology at IUPUI. He is currently working as a Quality Assurance and System Testing Intern for the CyberLab where he helps improve the CN website by finding bugs and suggesting new ideas. Deshun has been interested in technology since he joined his high school's multimedia team. He is a member of ALD/PES and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars honor societies. Outside of school, Deshun enjoys playing and recording music with his keyboard.

CN Page:

Josh Martin

Smart Learning Agent Project Team Member

Josh Martin is a sophomore studying Computer Engineering at IUPUI. He is designing a Smart Agent Avatar for CourseNetworking using Google TTS API. Josh became interested in computers at a young age, as he built his first website at the age of 13. However, Josh did not seriously start programming until his junior year of high school. He is a member of both the Filipino Student Association (FSA) and the Asian Student Union (ASU) at IUPUI. Aside from clubs, in his free time Josh likes to breakdance, travel to battles in the midwest, watch science videos, listen to music and audio books, crack jokes, hang out with friends and expore the downtown Indianapolis area. 

CN Page: 

Tyler Headshot

Graphic and Web Designer

Tyler McNeal is a senior at IUPUI, majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with a concentration in Animation. She is a graphic and web design intern at the IUPUI CyberLab. Tyler has enjoyed writing stories and creating characters and environmental settings since she was young. She didn't realize that she could or wanted to puruse a career involving graphics and design until she started college in 2012, after she began researching majors related to creating video games and CGI movies. She also has a large interest in culture and language as explored Spanish on her own in elementary school. She also enjoys discovering msuic in foreign languages and is currently attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese.

CN Page:

For more information about internship opportunities at the CyberLab or to apply for an internship, contact the CyberLab, at, or call 317-274-3463.

Research Fellows

For more information please contact


We currently have a vacant full-time Postdoctoral position in the area of social networks, machine learning, data mining, computing algorithm or related fields. The scholar will be working closely with Professor Ali Jafari and his team in designing and developing a smart learning agent that will maximize personalized learning experience based on user behavior and profiles on Candidates with strong computer programming background and experience will receive a higher consideration. To view details and apply for this position please click here