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CyberLab is a research and development center in the School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The lab provides research and intellectual support for the design, development and implementation of innovative educational technology. It also builds connections between the university and industries to transfer research outcomes into practice. 

Faculty, project coordinators, researchers and student interns from diverse academic backgrounds staff the CyberLab. Staff members come from diverse backgrounds, such as information education, technology, computer science, multimedia production, and the liberal arts.

Since it was first established in 1996, the CyberLab has been leading the development of innovative and successful online technologies. Past projects include Oncourse, ANGEL Learning and Epsilen. Currently, CyberLab is providing research and instructional design support for the interface and technical development and implementation of the academic social networking site, CourseNetworking (CN)

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Our Mission

The mission of the CyberLab at IUPUI is to prepare IUPUI students for their future career through engaging them in real-world projects, and at the same time, to provide academic support for and innovative talent to industry to ensure productivity and business success.  To fulfill this mission, the CyberLab conducts applied research in education and technology to enhance understanding of learning needs and to foster best practices in the application of new educational technologies. As a connector between the academy and industry, the CyberLab actively encourages students to apply their scholastic knowledge and skills in real-world innovation and production work. 

Lab History

The CyberLab, previously called WebLab, opened at IUPUI in 1996 and serves as a research and development laboratory for the IUPUI campus, employing personnel directed by Computer Information Technology professor, Ali Jafari. In the past, the CyberLab developed products such as Oncourse (perhaps the first enterprise course management system), currently in use at all eight IU campuses; ANGEL Learning; and Epsilen, a learning management system that enabled ePortfolio and global networking functions. The CyberLab's current focus is supporting the development of CN and offering instructional design and pedagogical supports to faculty in launching online courses, hybrid courses, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) hosted on CN.