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Rumi Digital Personal Assistant Beta Release

October 25, 2020

IUPUI CyberLab announced the release of its latest research and development project called Rumi Agent. The Rumi Beta was added to the production servers of the CourseNetworking (CN). CN users from over 160 countries can request to add the Rumi Agent into their CN account to try out the new AI technology and provide feedback. 

IUPUI CyberLab Suggests "ePortfolio Signature Assignment" Concept and Practice

October 15, 2020

Based on the experience working with the Computer Information and Graphic Technology department at IUPUI, IUPUI CyberLab came up with the ePortfolio Signature Assignment concept and practice. The concept and practice point out a practical approach for academic programs to ensure their ePortfolio implementation success.  Read Article

CourseNetworking provides free learning management system to distance learners in wake of coronavirus restrictions

March 3, 2020

CourseNetworking (CN) and CyberLab at IUPUI are offering our Learning Management System (LMS) free to institutions whose educational offerings are affected by the coronavirus and thus need distance-learning tools. Read Article

The CN Challenge Program

December 1, 2019

CourseNetworking (CN) launched the CN Challenge for Global Learning and Engagement Program (short name “The CN Challenge Program”) in 2019 through collaboration with IUPUI and its CyberLab. The University of Rwanda became one of the first institutions to accept the “challenge”. (In 2018 a ‘Memorandum of Intent’ was signed between the universities that paved the way for this collaboration). The purpose of the CN Challenge Program is to offer the next generation of learning technology ( free of charge to institutions in developing countries and help their students and faculty bring their learning and teaching to the next level. Learn More

Lab Culture: CyberLab

November 15, 2018

CyberLab is featured at News at IUPUI-Science and Technology. The article tells the stories of the lab history, the CourseNetworking platform, lab interns, and the exciting new AI-based project, RUMI. Read Article

CourseNetworking iOS Development Intern Reaches New Heights with Microsoft

June 28, 2018

CyberLab interns get the opportunity to work on real industry-level projects (CourseNetworking). Read Ravi’s story to see how his CyberLab internship helped him land his new opportunity at Microsoft.

CN Post Gaining Student Appreciation

January 12, 2016

Developed by IUPUI CyberLab, CN Post is a simplified version of CourseNetworking, an academic social networking site that connects teachers and students from around the world based on shared interests and subject areas. CN Post was a project taken on by a former graduate research assistant and other interns in the lab and continues to be a popular tool today. Read Article

2014 IUPUI Research Report

April 16, 2015

The CyberLab and Dr. Ali Jafari were included in the 2014 Research Report from the Vice Chancellor of Research. The CyberLab is spotlighted in the Reseach Commercialization and Economic Development section where the lab is commended for past and present innovative learning projects. View Report

CyberLab Interns at IUPUI Develop Smartphone App for CourseNetworking

February 6, 2014

CyberLab Software Programming Interns, Phillip Heebner and Manpreet Singh, made homepage headlines for their work in developing the CourseNetworking app for iOS and Android systems. The apps are available now in both the App Store and Google Play Stores online. The team shares their struggles and successes while constructing the ongoing project. They also explain how their CyberLab internship projects prepare them for real-world challenges. Read Article